Tour guide in Antarctica, member of the French Explorers Society, Safari expert in Tanzania, me and my team will prepare your dream come true vacation in those wild places !Each safari is unique! My goal?

Share my passion about these destinations. For many years, my friends saw me going on those adventures, when coming back, I decided to put my expertise on those special voyages for others.
Now this passion is shared with people eager to see those places and enjoy the wildlife.
According to your needs, your wishes, your budget, I will adapt to you
Being in the bush so long gave me the opportunity to create Discovery safari, knowing better the Masai people, the best dust roads going in the reservations, spending time in the wildlife in all season, visiting the best camps and lodges, walking with my guides to discover a new trail for families to go, visiting schools around and make travellers aware of the needs in those areas. All those details, me and my team we will, with Discovery Safari make sure that you get the spirit on those wild destinations!
Get the feeling of: Out of Africa…visit also the mythical island of Zanzibar with its sandy beaches and spice tours. Being over there in the Indian ocean, I crossed the strait of Zanzibar with a windsurf!

I also had the opportunity to windsurf in Antarctica, being the first one, from this day, the magic of the destibnation made me want to come back and like Africa, being charmed by its beauty
Giving now lectures at the end of the world on climate change and this fragile ecosystem, we will share with you the magic once again of the specific wildlife, Wedell seals, leopard seals, pinguins, humpback whales

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