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January, February, March The great wildebeest migration travels to the plains of the South Serengeti…


Zanzibar is an island with lush nature that is one of the most beautiful in…


Kilimanjaro is the highest region of Africa which is called "roof of Africa" at 5895…


Antarctica is a continent 35 times larger than France, with surprising landscapes:
Icebergs, penguins

198 Happy Clients
198 Happy Clients
198 Happy Clients
198 Happy Clients
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We take the time to study our customers with their travel plans and bring our expertise to jointly define the most suitable project

Routes offered on this website are only examples of possibilities. So we build with you, the route depending on desired content (cultural, nature, rest, meetings …), type of accommodation, duration, budget, air availability …

This validated, we develop and shape a proposal for a trip that includes the elements set out together and detailing day by day program and services. Our desire is to show our customers a destination in an approach that allows a real discovery: local guides specialized structural choices involved in the preservation of their environment, local transportation, visitation schedules studied, charming accommodation or family preserved places, routes off the beaten track.

The goal is to build with our clients their dream trip!

Tanzania is probably the country that most closely matches the image we have of safaris: vast and varied landscapes, exceptional concentrations of wildlife, local typical tourists reduced (especially compared to neighboring Kenya) … So many elements that contribute to the reputations of Tanzania and you will enjoy your safari to be held in exceptional circumstances.


He who has prepared his own expedition to the extreme and the sole holder of a first world windsurfing, approved by the Book of Records is pleased to prepare your safari.

As a first, he must be meticulous about every detail for a safari in the same way that a record is made in the best conditions.

Today in the African safari, with years of field experience among the animals, Discovery Safari as a specialist will prepare your safari and make it unforgettable.


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